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Children's Books​

Dan took storytelling to another level and started creating stories nearly everyday. Once that began, his godson Julian only wanted original tales for story time. Each day would begin with, "Surely you know the story of the little boy who fell through the hole in his sock, don't you?" Julian would protest, "That's not a real story!!", and Dan would have all day to come up with the story -- thus began the "Godfather Tales".



Danica McKellar, Actress and NYT bestselling author 

"Dan has been like a second dad to me, ever since we worked together on The Wonder Years, many moons ago. I can almost hear his voice as I read these adorable stories. And Cathryn is a dear friend and one of the most creative people I know. I can't wait to share this book with my son!"

Camryn Manheim, Actor, Activist, Mom 

"I knew children had wild imaginations.  But now, Dan Lauria and Cathryn Farnsworth can join the ranks of whimsical and creative storytellers.  The Blue Hair Club is a collection of stories that inspire the readers to be open minded and open hearted.  It is a colorful way to remind us about compassion, perseverance and friendship. And oh yes, capitalism. If you ever wondered why turtles have hard shells, or armadillos have short tails, read this tale, and you'll find out.  Your children will love the wonderful illustrations by Brandon Morino, and be memorized as Julian and Roscoe, teach us new ways to deal with old problems."

Wendie Malick, Actress

"What a fortunate godson is young Master Julian...there can be no greater gift at bedtime than to enter the world of make believe, guided by someone you love."

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